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Developing the character of Jesus Christ

At The Seven Spirits Of God Bible Training Center, We Will Gather Every Thursday On Campus From 7-9pm, For Divine Revelation By The Holy Spirit. We Will Worship Jesus, Learn Of Him, And Go Out From His Presence To Share The Gospel With The Entire World By The Power Of The Holy Spirit.

Our Instructors Are Men And Women That Have Surrendered Their Lives To Jesus And Forged A Path Of Faith To Equip The Body Of Christ. It Is Our Honor And Privilege To Serve Alongside Them With The Same Heart And Goal To See The Kingdom Of Heaven Expand On Earth. We Invite You To Join Us On Campus As We Radically Pursue The Will Of God! Now Is The Time!


These are just a few of the subjects we hit on at The Seven Spirits of God Bible Training Center:

  • The Principles of Faith
  • Evangelism
  • Angels
  • Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
  • The Power of Praise and Worship
  • Effective Prayer
  • The Gospel
  • Signs, Wonders & Miracles
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Prophetic
  • How to Study the bible
  • Holy Spirit
  • Authority Of the Believer
  • Christ the Healer
  • Christ the Deliverer
  • And More.

What to expect

  • Learn from trusted men and women of God who burn to see Gods plans established through discipleship.
  • Develop a character of Christ
  • Activation
  • Be equipped and activated to preach the Gospel in evangelism and outreach
  • Learn how to become a vessel of honor

Core Values

  • Love Jesus and others will all or hearts
  • Love the Word of God as the foundation of our faith
  • To walk in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Love and Value our families
  • To Walk in His manifest presence
  • To display His miracle working power everywhere
  • To share the love of Jesus with the nations
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