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Jermane Cheatham


As a young child Evangelist Jermane Cheatham has felt the hand of God protecting and guiding his life.  He was born in a small city in Rockford, Illinois and moved at a young age to Louisiana.  His relatives would read him stories from the bible that ignited a flame for God in his soul.  At the age of 12 Jermane’s family was called back to Rockford, IL to take care of his sick grandmother.  These events lead his father away from God and more towards the ways of the world. After Jermane graduated from high school he moved to Chicago to attend college and lived a life full of sin.  But God had other plans for his life as he had a life changing dream one night; he was descending into the pit of hell and he saw many evil spirits all around him that sent a fear to the core of his soul.  Jermane began to cry out for Jesus for help and he notice a light that was drawing him to a man.  The closer he approached the light the more love, peace and brighter the light became, he noticed the man standing had his arm extended to embrace him.  When Jermane awoke from that dream he repented and wept desperately wanting to go back to where he felt a love that couldn’t be given from anyone on the face of this earth.  Five years later Jermane found the love of his life and was married shortly after, him and his wife have two wonderful children, Fred and Gianna.  During the second year of his marriage tragedy hit when a loved one was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Jermane felt helpless.  One year later he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and heard the Lord Jesus speak to him for the first time.  Jermane began to seek the Lord and studied powerful scriptures about healing and it motivated him as he witnessed his savior for the first time as a healer. He began studying the bible to build his faith as he desired to see his loved one healed.  During this time of reading the word, fasting and praying he started experiencing much spiritual accuracy.  He saw Jesus in a new light as he began to answer to all his family’s needs and the needs of people in the world around him.  His desire to know this God of love was stronger than ever, so he submerged himself completely in the word, fasting and praying again.  Evangelist Jermane continues to see countless healing, miracles and deliverance by the hand of God.  Now God has called him to preach the gospel with signs and wonders by the Holy Spirit.

Fred Jackson IV


I've always enjoyed taking photos and recording videos but never have I thought I'd be documenting works of the Lord. Currently I am a senior in high school with many choices and views of colleges of being a student athlete. Being the son of leaders of ministries within the Lighthouse Church of All Nations is truly a blessing the Lord has given me that I truly appreciate. The Lord had given me a vision one day of myself holding a large camera and recording and taking images of works of many ministers and traveling the world with others to document the Holy Spirit flow and outpouring of Jesus upon people coming from many ministries but mainly, Evangelism.   For the Outpouring Ministry, I am the one to document and record all happenings and works of the lord throughout the ministry and travels of spreading the good news.

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